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Conscientious Objection for Pharmacists: Consultation Submission and Briefing Paper, "Supporting the Consciences of Pharmacists and the Inclusivity of the Profession" (2017)
The Anscombe Bioethics Centre's briefing paper on the General Pharmaceutical Council's (GPhC) consultation on conscientious objection for pharmacists, and the Centre's submission to the consultation.

Response to "Withdrawing and Withholding Treatment" (1998)
The Linacre Centre's response to a consultation paper from the BMA's Medical Ethics Committee. A pdf of this report is available here.
Response to the Department of Health Consultation on Procedures for the Approval of Independent Sector Places for Termination of Pregnancy (2014)
The Anscombe Centre responds to a consultation on the RSOPs (Required Standard Operating Procedures) for independent abortion providers.

A pdf of the response is available here.