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HFEA consultation on mitochondrial replacement (2013)
This is the Centre's response to an HFEA consultation on Mitochondrial Replacement techniques.

A pdf of our submission is available here.
Life or lifestyle? The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill (2008)
Helen Watt offers a brief analysis of the issues surrounding this controversial bill. A pdf is available here.
Selecting Children (2007)
Dr Helen Watt
The Diane Blood Case (1997)
Helen Watt on the ethics of using a deceased husband's sperm to produce a child. A pdf is available here.
The Irish Frozen Embryos Case (2006)
Patrick Carr examines the judgement delivered by Mr. Justice Brian McGovern of the Irish High Court, Dublin on 15 November, 2006 in the case of M.R. v. T.R. and Others, which considers the status of the pre-implantation embryo in Irish Constitutional Law. A pdf is available here.