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Comment on the Liverpool Care Pathway (2012)
A comment on the Liverpool Care Pathway by Professor David Albert Jones. A pdf is available here.
Eight Reasons Not to Legalize Physician Assisted Suicide (2015)
David Albert Jones argues that legalizing physician assisted suicide would not address the needs of the dying but would threaten people with disabilities and those who are suicidal. It would undermine key principles of law, medical ethics and palliative care and would not be controllable. A pdf is available here.
Human Dignity in Healthcare: A Virtue Ethics Approach (2012)
Legislating for Advance Refusals of Treatment: What is at issue? (1998)
Luke Gormally shows that making advance refusals legally binding will undermine the doctor-patient relationship and promote the cause of euthanasia. A pdf is available here.
Notes on The Winterton Bill (2000)
Luke Gormally comments on a Bill which aims to prohibit "the withdrawal or withholding of medical treatment, or the withdrawal or withholding of sustenance, with the intention of causing the death of a patient". A pdf is available here.
Ordinary and Extraordinary Means of Prolonging Life (2000)
Extracts from Life and Death in Healthcare Ethics: A Short Introduction by Helen Watt.* A pdf is available here.
The 'perinatal hospice' and the dignity of the dying infant (2012)
Transcript of presentation by Dr Sylvie de Kermadec, obstetrician-gynaecologist working in France, given 18 June 2012 in Oxford at a conference on 'Human Dignity in Healthcare' co-sponsored by Blackfriars Hall and the Anscombe Bioethics Centre. A pdf of this paper is available here