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Michael Wee is the Education and Research Officer at the Anscombe Bioethics Centre. His academic background is in literature and philosophy, and he previously studied at Durham University and Oxford University. His research interests include virtue ethics, the ethics of assisted reproduction, and the role of empathy in moral philosophy.

Conference Papers

'Empathy and Ethics: Reassessing Ethical Egoism in the Light of Empathy', Empathy and Cinical Psychiatry: A one day symposium on empathy in clinical psychiatry, Oxford University Psychiatry Department, 22 Jun 2018.

'Virtuous Doctors and Patients: Public Healthcare as a MacIntyrean Practice', sixth annual conference of the Jubilee Centre for Character and Virtues (Birmingham University), Oriel College, Oxford, 4 Jan 2018.


'The Alfie Evans case: How not to apply Catholic teaching on withdrawing life-sustaining treatment', Catholic Medical Quarterly. Forthcoming 2019.

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'Elderly suicides: Why euthanasia is not the solution', TODAY, 21 Aug 2018.

'Humanae Vitae and the Mystical Call of Chastity', Church Life Journal, 31 July 2018.

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'When a baby's diagnosis is grim, there is a path of hope', Aleteia, 17 Mar 2017.

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'Britain will never be an equal society as long as we allow disability-selective abortion', Catholic Herald Online, 21 Oct 2016.

Lectures and Talks (Selected)

'Aquinas on Marriage', Blackfriars Aquinas Group, Oxford, 19 Nov 2018.

Workshop on the ethics of euthanasia and end-of-life decisions, St Bonaventure's school A Level Religious Studies students, 8 Nov 2018.

'Contraception and Natural Family Planning: What does the Catholic Church really teach?', St Bonaventure's school sixth form students, 8 Nov 2018.

'Euthanasia and the Common Good: Autonomy, Dignity and Human Life', Panel Discussion on 'Does euthanasia serve human dignity and societal good?' hosted by Oxford Students for Life, Keble College, Oxford, 6 Nov 2018.

'Chastity and Contraception', Fisher House, Cambridge University, 23 Oct 2018.

'Applying natural law and virtue ethics: IVF and genetic engineering', Sixth Form and Remove Conference on 'Human Nature and Bioethics', Westminster School, 24 Sep 2018.

'Withdrawing Life-Sustaining Treatment: Exploring Right and Wrong Reasons', 'A Panel Discussion on the Alfie Evans case and its Implications' hosted by the Catholic Union at Notre Dame University, London, 11 Sep 2018.

'Cooperation with Evil', St Mary's College, Oscott, 1 May 2018.

'Dignity, Personhood, Sanctity', St Mary's College, Oscott, 17 April 2018.

'Bioethics and Human Life: A Catholic Perspective', Newman Society: Oxford University Catholic Society, 8 Feb 2018.

Workshop on beginning-of-life ethics, St Bonaventure's school A Level Religious Studies students, 24 Jan 2018.

'Reproductive Ethics and the Catholic Faith', St Bonaventure's school sixth form students, 24 Jan 2018.

'Human Dignity and the Virtues: A Christian View', Health and Salvation study week for Christian healthcare professionals on 'Dignity, Dependency and Dementia', Boarbank Hall, 9 Jan 2018.

'Brave New World? Three-parent babies', Lancaster University Catholic Chaplaincy Centre, 6 Dec 2017.

Workshop on 'Communicating well with those who think differently: Dealing with moral disagreement in healthcare situations' (with Dr Helen Watt), 'Healthcare Ethics' series for healthcare students and professionals, Newman House, 29 Nov 2017.

'Life and Death, Science and Medicine: Why does the Catholic position often seem out of tune?', Bangor University Catholic Society, 23 Nov 2017.

'Euthanasia and the Charlie Gard case', Worth School leadership conference on 'Why bioethics needs the virtues', 8 Nov 2017.

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'Genetic Engineering and Catholic Ethics', Catholic Men's Society of Great Britain, 9 Sep 2017.

'Can Natural Family Planning (NFP) be Contraceptive?', Catholic Theology Network, 12 Jul 2017.

'Euthanasia and Virtue Ethics', Wimbledon College sixth form students, 7 Jul 2017.

'Assisted Reproductive Technologies: Ethics and Political Language', Catholic Parliamentary and Public Policy Interns, 23 Jun 2017.

‘The Science and Ethics of Modern Embryology’, Our Lady’s Abingdon school sixth form students, 3 May 2017.

‘Catholic Bioethics: When does life begin?’, Durham University Catholic Society, 26 Apr 2017.

‘Abortion’, St Mary’s College, Oscott, 28 Feb 2017.

‘Bioethics and Contraception’, St Mary’s College, Oscott, 21 Feb 2017.

‘Human Beings and Human Persons: Are they the same thing?’, Stowe School Philosophy Society, 7 Dec 2016.