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The Moral Philosophy of Elizabeth Anscombe - Luke Gormally, David Albert Jones and Roger Teichmann (Eds)

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The Moral Philosophy of Elizabeth Anscombe, edited by Luke Gormally, David Albert Jones and Roger Teichmann.

Elizabeth Anscombe's 1958 essay 'Modern Moral Philosophy' transformed the subject, undermining the assumption that there is no connection between facts, values, and reasons for action; and directing attention towards the virtues. Her later ethical writings were focused on particular issues such as those of conscience, double-effect, murder, and sexual ethics. In this collection of new essays these and other aspects of her moral philosophy are examined. Anyone interested in Anscombe's work will want to read this volume.

"Elizabeth Anscombe has been described as the greatest woman philosopher of all time. That may well be true. What is certain is that in the latter half of the twentieth century Anscombe could hold her own with any philosopher in the world." - Anthony Kenny

"I met Elizabeth Anscombe in 1960, and was overwhelmed by her brilliance. Since then I have been impressed by the philosophical and human depth of her work time and time again. She was truly one of the great philosophers of the twentieth century." - Hilary Putnam

"Elizabeth Anscombe was the most important of Wittgenstein's pupils, with an intellect as great and wide-ranging as her teacher's. She thought deeply, wrote beautifully, and was never taken in by pretence." - Roger Scruton


John Haldane - Preface

David Albert Jones - Introduction
Anselm Winfried Müller - The Spiritual Nature of Man
Duncan Richter - The Conception of the Architectonic Good in Anscombe's Moral Philosophy
José M. Torralba - On Morally Neutral Actions, and the Relevance of Practical Truth for Action Theory
Matthew B. O'Brien - On Obligation and the Virtues of Law
Thomas Pink - Anscombe, Williams and the Positivization of Moral Obligation
Candace Vogler - Anscombe on Promising
Luke Gormally - On Killing Human Beings
David Goodill OP - Elizabeth Anscombe on Just War
David Albert Jones - Anscombe on the Human Embryo
Kevin L. Flannery SJ - Anscombe on Two Jesuits and Lying
Roger Teichmann - Sincerity in Thought
Mary Geach - Anscombe on Sexual Ethics
Edward Harcourt - Internalised Others, Joint Attention and the Moral Education of the Child
John Finnis - Body, Soul and Information: On Anscombe's 'Royal Road' to True Belief

Paperback: 288 pages
Publisher: Imprint Academic (2016)
Language: English
ISBN: 9781845408961