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Euthanasia, Clinical Practice and the Law - Luke Gormally (Ed.)

Book I: Euthanasia & Clinical Practice: Trends, Principles & Alternatives. A Working Party Report.
Book II: Euthanasia & the Law: The Case against Legalisation
1. Submission to the Select Committee of the House of Lords on Medical Ethics by the Linacre Centre for Health Care Ethics
2. ‘Living Will’ Legislation John Finnis
3. The BMA Report on Euthanasia and the case against legalisation Luke Gormally
4. Some reflections on euthanasia in The Netherlands John Keown
5. Further reflections on euthanasia in The Netherlands in the light of The Remmelink Report and The Van Der Maas Survey John Keown.

‘This new volume is a representative fruit of a foundation which has built a reputation not just as the premier Christian bioethics institute in Britain, but as one of the finest in the world, Christian or secular.’ Anthony Fisher New Blackfriars

‘Several of the views expressed in this book seem to have impressed the Select Committee of the House of Lords and are reflected in the Committee’s recommendations, which in turn have been broadly endorsed by the Government. The book may be of interest…as a briefing document instrumental in shaping Government legislative policy.’ Linda Delany Health Care Analysis

‘... a case is made powerfully against euthanasia and against those who appear to use quality of life yardsticks of human worth.’ T L Chambers Lancet