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The annual Anscombe Memorial Lectures are given in honour of G.E.M. Anscombe.

Anscombe Memorial Lecture 2019: Dr Maureen Condic
'Twinning and Human Individuality'

Friday, 8th Nov 2019

Anscombe Memorial Lecture 2018: Professor Patricia Casey
'Ethical Issues in Psychiatric Diagnosis'

Friday, 6th July 2018

Anscombe Memorial Lecture 2017: Professor Luke Gormally
'Chastity, Human Dignity and the Common Good: Anscombe and Aquinas'

Monday, 16th October 2017

Anscombe Memorial Lecture 2016: Cardinal Willem Eijk
'Is Medicine Losing its Way? A firm foundation for medicine as a real therapeia'

Monday, 7th November 2016

Anscombe Memorial Lecture 2015: Professor Joseph Boyle
'Against "Assisted Dying"'

Tuesday, 13th October 2015

Anscombe Memorial Lecture 2014: Professor John Finnis FBA
"Body and Soul: on Anscombe's 'royal road' to true belief"

Tuesday, 21st October 2014


Anscombe Memorial Lecture 2013: Professor Anselm Müller
'On the spiritual nature of man'

Friday, 27th September 2013

This paper was delivered at St Hugh's College, Oxford, as the keynote paper at a conference on 'The Moral Philosophy of Elizabeth Anscombe', which was co-sponsored by the Anscombe Bioethics Centre and Blackfriars Hall, University of Oxford.

Anscombe Memorial Lecture 2012: Most Rev Dr Anthony Fisher OP
'Fair Innings? Healthcare rationing in favour of the young over the elderly'

Monday 15th October 2012

Picture of Professor Robert P George delivering the Anscombe Memorial Lecture, 2011

Anscombe Memorial Lecture 2011: Profesor Robert P. George
'Science, Philosophy, and Religion in the Embryo Debate'

Podcast available here: Prof George 36MB 77mins
For a higher quality, but larger file click here: Prof George 71MB 77mins

Anscombe Memorial Lecture 2010: Professor Anthony Kenny FBA
'The Place of Intention in Ethics'

Monday, 25 October 2010

Professor Kenny delivered the first Anscombe Memorial Lecture on 'The Place of Intention in Ethics' in the Garden Quad Auditorium, St John's College, Oxford on 25th October 2010. This lecture marked the move of the Anscombe Bioethics Centre (formerly known as the Linacre Centre for Healthcare Ethics) to Oxford.