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The Moral Philosophy of Elizabeth Anscombe.

***The proceedings of this conference are now available as a book.***

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On 27th and 28th September 2013 the Centre hosted a major international conference on the moral philosophy of GEM Anscombe, after whom the Centre is named, at St Hugh's College, Oxford (where G.E.M. Anscombe was an undergraduate student).

We are grateful for support from Blackfriars Hall, Analysis Trust and the Society for Applied Philosophy.

Participants included:
Christopher Coope,
Rev Prof Kevin Flannery SJ
Dr Mary Geach,
Rev David Goodill OP
Prof Luke Gormally,
Dr Edward Harcourt,
Dr David Albert Jones,
Prof Anselm Müller (Anscombe Memorial Lecturer 2013),
Dr Matthew O'Brien,
Prof Thomas Pink,
Prof Duncan Richter,
Dr Roger Teichmann,
Prof Jose Maria Torralba and
Prof Candace Vogler.

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