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The Moral Philosophy of Elizabeth Anscombe.

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Call for Papers

* The Call for Papers is now closed.* Many thanks to all who made a submission.

Call for Papers – The Moral Philosophy of Elizabeth Anscombe

We invite submissions of short papers by graduate students and early career academics (for these purposes, first appointed in or after September 2008), to a satellite event of the Anscombe Bioethics Centre's conference on “The Moral Philosophy of Elizabeth Anscombe”. This graduate/early career session will be held on Thursday 26th September from 3pm-6pm, and will be followed by the main conference on Friday 27th and Saturday 28th September 2013. These events are co-sponsored by Blackfriars Hall, a Permanent Private Hall of Oxford University.

Papers may be on any topic relating to the moral philosophy of Elizabeth Anscombe, and should be suitable for a 20 minute presentation. Successful submissions will receive a £50 contribution towards expenses and free conference registration (standard cost £200).



Graduate Seminar - Thursday 26th September 3-6pm
Main conference – Friday 27th September, Saturday 28th September


Graduate Seminar - Blackfriars Hall, Oxford OX1 3LY
Main Conference – St Hugh's College, Oxford OX2 6LE

Elizabeth Anscombe has been described variously as ‘a giant among women philosophers’, ‘the greatest English philosopher of her generation’ and ‘pioneer of a genuine renewal of Catholic thought’. In the words of John M. Dolan she is ‘widely recognised as one of the greatest philosophers of the twentieth century’. She is renowned for her contribution to the revival of virtue theory, and for her writings on intention, as well as for her translation and editing of various of the works of Ludwig Wittgenstein. She was also one of the most important twentieth century philosophers to write on the Just War. This conference is an opportunity to explore Anscombe's work on a wide range of topics in moral philosophy. It will cover both the theoretical basis of ethics (with topics such as being in good faith, obligation, morally neutral actions, and the spiritual nature of man) and a number of concrete moral issues (with topics such as lying, promising, just war, sexual ethics, and the status of the human embryo). Speakers include Christopher Coope, Rev Prof Kevin Flannery SJ, Dr Mary Geach, Rev David Goodill OP, Prof Luke Gormally, Dr Edward Harcourt, Prof David Albert Jones, Prof Anselm Müller, Dr Matt O’Brien, Prof Tom Pink, Prof Duncan Richter, Dr Roger Teichmann, Dr Jose Maria Torralba and Prof Candace Vogler. To book your place, please visit the Anscombe Centre website:

or for further information see

Or contact Gwen McCourt,

We very much hope that you can join us for this rare opportunity to explore and celebrate the contributions of a major 20th century philosopher.

The Anscombe Bioethics Centre (formerly the Linacre Centre for Healthcare Ethics) is a Roman Catholic academic institute that engages with the moral questions arising in clinical practice and biomedical research. The Centre engages in scholarly dialogue with academics and practitioners of other traditions. It contributes to public policy debates as well as to debates and consultations within the Church. It runs educational programmes for, and gives advice to, Catholics and other interested healthcare professionals and biomedical scientists. It is seeking to work with Blackfriars, a Permanent Private Hall of Oxford University, in promoting academic research in medical ethics. Blackfriars are co-sponsoring this event.


Please send the following to in .doc, .rtf, or pdf format:

1)A cover letter containing:
(a) the author's name
(b) institutional affiliation
(c) contact information
(d) the title of the paper
(e) word count
2) The paper itself, including the title and a short abstract (no more than 200 words), and with no information identifying the author or the author's institutional affiliation.

For further and general enquiries, please email
Information about the conference can be found at the conference website: ****