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Please contact for more information about our Oxford research seminars. The seminars are held at 17 Beaumont Street, Oxford from 6-8pm.

Seminar Programme 2014/2015

Prof. David Albert Jones will lead a seminar on "Organ Transplantation" on Monday 13th October. For more information please contact

Further seminars TBA.

Seminar Programme 2013/2014

Dr Mary McMenamin delivered a paper to the Centre's Research Seminar on Monday 9th June 2014.

Monday 4th November - Dr Helen Watt (Anscombe Centre)
Ancestor embryos: embryonic gametes and genetic parenthood

More dates will be announced in due course...sign up to our mailing list for up to date bulletins:

Seminar Programme 2012/2013

Monday 26th November - Dr Joshua Hordern (Harris Manchester)
Compassion in Healthcare

Seminar Programme 2011/2012

Tuesday 1st November 2011 - Dr Joseph Shaw, Dr David Albert Jones:
Ethical Issues in Non-directive counselling.
Monday 28th November 2011 - Prof David Katz and others:
Faith perspectives on treatment and care towards the end of life
Tuesday 6th February 2012 - Dr Dominic Kelly:
Ethics of Vaccines and Vaccination
Tuesday 8th May 2012 Dr David Albert Jones and Dr Michael Jarmulowicz
Catholic Perspectives on Organ Transplantation

Seminar Programme2010/2011

Tues 16th November - Dr David Albert Jones
Why Euthanasia is logically slippery.
Tues 14th December - Madeleine Suttie
The regulation of HESC research.
Tues 11th January (0th wk) - Roger Teichmann
Distribution of Care: Reflections on Anscombe's 'Who is Wronged?'
Tues 22nd February - Jonathan Herring
Relationships, Care and Medical Law
Tuesday 15 March Prof David Katz:
Jewish perspectives on organ donation
Tuesday 12 April Dr Helen Watt:
Taming the 'Wild West' in Biomedicine: preventing without prescribing harm