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The Anscombe Bioethics Centre runs a range of educational outreach initiatives for students from lower sixth form through to postgraduate level and for the general public. This includes the Centre's own events, presentations and guest lectures at other institutions, INSET days for teachers, training in healthcare ethics for medical professionals and students, and the production of educational resources. These are tailored to suit the specific needs of different groups.

Please contact our Education and Research Officer, Michael Wee, on if you would like a member of staff to speak at your event/institution. Here is a snapshot of some recent educational events presented by Centre staff:

Westminster School Conference Oxford Chaplaincy
(Left: Poster of a sixth form and remove conference at Westminster School; Right: The Education and Research Officer giving a talk at the Oxford University Catholic Chaplaincy)

David Jones Worth St Bons 2
(Left: The Centre's Director giving the keynote address at a Worth School leadership conference; Right: The Education and Research Officer giving a workshop at St Bonaventure's School, London)

St Bons Helen Watt Worth
(Left: The Education and Research Officer with sixth form RE students at St Bonaventure's School, London; Right: The Senior Research Fellow giving a worskhop at a Worth School leadership conference)

If you would like to support our educational work, please see our Education Officer Appeal.