‘Catholic Medical Ethics’: A Bioethical Series for Healthcare Students (March-April 2022)

Beginning in February 2022, a series of bioethical talks for those studying at university on the Catholic response to difficult issues, will be held throughout Hilary / Lent / Epiphany / Candlemas Term, led by the Anscombe Centre’s Education and Research Officer, Chris Wojtulewicz, and hosted by the King’s College London Chaplaincy.

📆 Mondays, beginning 14 February
📍👨🏼‍💻 MS Teams
🎟 To sign up and get the video link, register via your university e-mail address, with King’s Catholic Chaplain for Guy’s Campus, Laurence Jasper: laurence.jasper@kcl.ac.uk.

The talks will be on a variety of hot topics relevant in contemporary medicine and ethics:

🇺🇳🤰🏻Personhood & the Human Embryo
🫀🧠 Organ Donation & Brain Death
🔬🤱🏻 IVF & Reproductive Technology
🤖🦾 Artificial Intelligence
💊📅 Contraception & Natural Family Planning
👩🏻‍⚕️💙 Conscience & Conscientious Objection
🏨💒 End-of-Life Decisions

Students in all areas relating to healthcare, be sure to sign up and join students across the UK in learning about how the Catholic moral tradition responds to these important issues!

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