Anscombe Centre Director Discusses ‘ST’ Case With Laurence Fox on GB News

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On 12 September 2023, a nineteen-year-old young woman, ST, died after a protracted dispute about her treatment and care. The NHS Trust responsible for her care had argued that she lacked mental capacity to make decisions because she disagreed with her doctors. This was despite two experienced psychiatrists finding that she was not mentally ill and that she did have decision-making capacity.

Four days earlier, our Director Professor David Albert Jones spoke to Laurence Fox on GB News about the disturbing development of Doctors denying the agency of a patient and her freedom, and that of her family, to speak of her condition and to seek further medical care elsewhere as she wished. You can read here our Press Release about the lethal paternalism’ in this case.

The thoughts and prayers of the staff of the Anscombe Bioethics Centre are with ST and her family.

You can listen here to the full segment:

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